• FIFA Rules: The latest FIFA Rules of play shall apply except as amended or modified herein.

  • Shin pads MUST be worn by all players on the field.

  • Duration of the games will be 26 minutes (straight time); teams will be given a two minute warm up.

  • After the previous game is over the referee will put 30 minutes on the clock when the clock reached 27 minutes the game will begin, the clock will not stop so be organized and ready to play before the previous game is over.

  • There is NO OFFSIDE in indoor soccer!!

  • Blue Cards: 1 Minute Penalty - Playing down a Player

    • Spitting

    • Repeat “non foul” Slide/Going to ground for non goalie.

    • Swearing

  • No slide tackling by field players, Goalkeepers are not permitted to slide outside of their penalty area. An indirect free kick will be awarded to the opposing team and potentially a foul(direct) awarded to the sliding player (at the referees discretion)

  • Players can slide to stop a goal, to stop a ball from going out of bounds, to score a goal, a long as there is no other player in the vicinity of the player sliding. If any other player is in the vicinity of the sliding player it will be deemed a slide tackle. This call is 100% up to the referees discretion.


  • Youth Touanemtns

    • Throw in's to restart play from a sideline.

  • Adult Tournaments

    • Kick in’s

  • Goal Kicks are indirect.

  • Drop kicks are permissible, but are indirect.

  • Punt’s IS allowed


  • Only players with a completed waiver can play, all players must fill out a registration form and sign the waver before stepping on the field.

  • Number of players on the field for non 9v9 tournaments.

    • Small Side tournaments

      • 12+ will consist of 6 field players and a Keeper

      • U9/10 will consist of 5 field players and a Keeper

      • U8 will be 4 field players and a Keeper

  • Teams must wear the same colored shirts, shin pads must be worn. Teams are asked to bring a home and away set of jerseys.

  • The facility will adhere to the playing rules of the 434 SportsPlex League Rules if not covered in this document.


  • Tournament Roster/Waiver form will be sent to team contact upon registration.

  • A Complete Team Roster is required to be submitted to management of 434 SportsPlex prior to first game.

  • Each player on the tournament roster must

    • Have a parent or guardian sign and agree to the 434 SportsPlex waiver if player is under 18.

    • Only players over the age of 18 may sign and agree to the 434 SportsPlex waiver.

    • Coaches, Managers, Team Captains may not complete waivers for any player besides themselves of their children.

  • Team Roster must be dropped off at office prior to to the first game.

  • Roster size is unlimited. Players may only be rostered on 1 team within a division. Please let us know if more than 12 players rostered for award purposes.

  • If an illegal player is used, any game in which that player is/was used will be forfeited, and the coach will be suspended for a minimum of the next played game. Any player not properly registered is considered an illegal player.

  • Females may play in Male divisions, but Males are not permitted to play in Female divisions.


  • Substitutions will be allowed as follows:

    a. No limit on the number of substitutions or substitute.
    b. Substitutions may be made "on the fly," but...

    1) Cannot enter before substituted player leaves field of play.
    2) Cannot enter in attacking third during live play if substituted player comes off in defensive third.
    3) Cannot enter in defensive third during live play if substituted player comes off in offensive third.
    4) The player leaving the field must immediately leave the field and not impede play while doing so.

    c. Substitutions MUST be made:

    1) After a suspected head injury, by either team, when the referee stops play.


  • Games are 26 minutes in duration, UNLESS OTHERWISE NOTED.

  • At the end of the game 30 minutes will be put on the clock, time will continue counting the game will start at 26 minutes, time will not stop.

  • If team does not show, other team will be awarded a 3-0 win


  • All restarts are in accordance with FIFA rules EXCEPT:

  • Any slide tackle around players results in an indirect kick restart UNLESS the slide is also a foul.


  • Win = 3 Points

  • Tie = 1 Point


  1. Head-to-Head (Void if 3 teams tied)

  2. Goals Differential (up to 3 per game)

  3. Goals Against

  4. Goals For

  5. Fewest Disciplinary Cards

  6. Penalty Shots (3 Rounds)


  • 5 Minute Golden Goal

  • Penalty Shots(3 Rounds)


  • 4 Team

    • 1 Division

      • Round Robin Play

      • Final Only

  • 5 Team

    • 1 Division

      • Round Robin Play

      • Final Only

  • 6 Team

    • 2 Divisions

      • Cross Division Play(3 Games)

      • Playoffs

        • 2 Division Winners

        • 2 Wildcards (2 Teams with most points)

  • 7 Team

  • 8 Team

    • 2 Divisions

      • Division Play

      • Playoffs TBA

  • 9 Team